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Skopelos kayaking video - Gardennorm - 04-07-2012

Yasou oloi

Here is a video I took while kayaking around Skopelos last week.  8)
Hope you enjoy it

Απ: Skopelos kayaking video - dan - 04-08-2012

Very nice !  Wink 

Απ: Skopelos kayaking video - vitamin sea - 04-10-2012

Beautiful!! that cave looks fantastic man!!! I don't know about Skopelos but here in Crete I paddled close to the rocks last week and attempted to go in a cave but it was full of small flying insects  like mosquitos or something...grose!!!

Απ: Skopelos kayaking video - Gardennorm - 04-10-2012

No mosquitoes, well not at the moment any way!! Did disturb a pigeon that made me jump  ;D

Απ: Skopelos kayaking video - vitamin sea - 04-10-2012

Pigeons I don't mind....what a strange place to nest though!! Big Grin

Απ: Skopelos kayaking video - davelis - 05-23-2012

Nice video makes me dreaming paddling there

Απ: Skopelos kayaking video - Gardennorm - 05-23-2012

Thanks Davelis, your welcome to join us any time  Wink

Απ: Skopelos kayaking video - aegeanpaddlers - 06-03-2012

That's it,
i'm coming!
Maybe now, maybe later but i'm coming for sure.
I want to do the whole Sporades, are you in?

Απ: Skopelos kayaking video - Gardennorm - 06-03-2012

Yes count me in! I am running an expedition to Alonissos and Kyria Panagia in September, im also hoping to get across to explore Skiathos at the end of the summer  Smile

Απ: Skopelos kayaking video - stelios - 06-03-2012

Gardennorm, post a little bit more on this expedition as you might end up with more paddlers Smile